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Wei Long Electronics is a medium-sized company founded by Mr Lu You Ming, in Singapore in 1998, specializing in making electronic payment devices - with a focus on electronic parking and displays. Technical steps, electronics and mechanical projects, application software firmware, drivers and utilities, for the product are done by us. This effectively changed the parking system in Singapore making it more flexible.

As our company grew in size, we shifted from our original location to Eunos Techpark, and hired more employees. We received many government certificates, such as the BCA Certificate in recognition of our work. We are ISO-9001:2008 compliant. Today, we are an established market player in Singapore for cashless/electronic parking systems, armed with more than 10 years of technical expertise, with at least 60 employees, an well-established software and technical support team, with many shopping centres and other commercial outlets using our system. We are continuously working on more new functions for our parking system, and strive to produce new products for a smarter, more technologically advanced future.

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